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What is the going rate for a full-time nanny?

On average, most Nannies have a starting rate around $20 per  hour. This rate increases with the number of children, duties assigned, and number of years of childcare experience. These rates also may be different depending on the cost of living in your city/state.

How long does it take to match a family with a nanny?

Our process takes anywhere from 2-6 weeks, start to finish. This timeline can vary depending on the specifics of the placement and current availability of nannies.

What does your vetting procedure include?

Our team conducts a full screening process that includes interviews, skills and knowledge assessments, personal and professional reference checks, background screenings, and verifying cpr/first aid certification.

What is the difference between a babysitter and a nanny?

When hiring a babysitter, you can expect someone to provide a one-time or sporadic care. Whereas when hiring a nanny you can expect on-going, consistent childcare.

Will the nanny be hired by the agency, or will our family be responsible for paying them directly?

We offer two options for families - to hire your nanny directly from the agency  or to have the agency employ your nanny.  

Are we required to pay taxes? How does this work?

Yes, as a household employer, you are required to pay taxes. Our agency requires all families offer legal pay “on the books” to work with us. We recommend using a payroll service such as GTM or HomeWork Solutions to ensure you are paying your nanny correctly. They are both wonderful services that help walk you through the process and make everything is set up correctly!

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